Dennis Fisher started out in 1984 doing SCBA repairs for Blacksburg FD where he was a member. For the first few years Dennis would do repairs on area volunteer fire departments air packs for free.


As the demand for this service grew, Denny started the business currently known as Sure-Flo Inc. The company has gone through some changes since that day. Dennis started out in the back of a pick-up truck, and then moved up to a minivan.


Seeing the need for a larger, more equipped unit, he bought a 1994 Ford F-350 with a 14′ body, and turned it into the first mobile service center.


As business continued to grow, he hired Rodney Roberts as a full time service tech. Rodney had been a member of Galax Fire & Rescue since 1984 and had done SCBA repairs there since 1986.


Denny bought a 1999 Ford F-450 with a 16′ body, and made another mobile service center.


Sure-Flo became a full fire service distributor for MSA. At this point, Rodney operated all sales and service out of the Galax office.


Purchased a new International 4300 and moved the box off of the F450 Ford.


The need for a larger and more modern office and shop pushed us to build our current 2400 sq ft building.


Sure-Flo became exclusive dealer for Safe Air Systems in Southwest VA selling Bauer air compressors.


Rodney Roberts purchased Sure-Flo Inc.


We acquired the Eagle Air Compressor distributorship in SW VA.

The rest of the History is in the making.